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Therapy Decor

Therapy Candle

Therapy Candle

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Enjoy crackling from the wood wicks of these beautiful hand-poured soy wax candles

8.5oz in a matte black jar with copper lid. Packaged in a kraft gift box.

45+ hrs Burn Time

3.55"h 3"w

Made in Nova Scotia

No Pain No Grain - Artisan Bread - a true aroma of freshly baked bread 

 Maritimer Delight Blueberry Cobbler 

 Oh My Gourd - whipped pumpkin, sugar cane, madagascar vanilla, ground coffee beans, whipped cream, caramel strands 

 Sweet & Nutty - roasted nuts, sweet nectar, caramel, toasted almonds, balsamic, vanilla

 Pearfectly Spicy - a blend of ripe pears, crisp apples highlighted by nutmeg, cinnamon, earl grey tea

 Glamping - warm crackling firewood with smoked embers blended with a hint of sweet raspberry, vanilla

Namaste - Lavender, woods, musk

Nightcap - Butterscotch, bourbon whiskey, vanilla, musk

Friends - Vanilla bean, warm caramel, cream

Gossip - Mandarin Orange, white tea, musk

Clean Slate - lemon, bergamot, musk

Sweet & Salty - butter, maple, vanilla

Vibe it Out - lavender, eucalyptus, tonka, coconut water

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