We Are Therapy Decor


My sister Jody and I have always been very close and have always shared a passion for home decor. Together we dreamt of one day owning our own shop. When my sister tragically lost her husband, she was in need of a fresh start. It was time we decided to do something for ourselves and make this dream a reality. ~XO Kelly

“Therapy” Decor has long been a dream. I’m Jody and I live in central Alberta with one young child. We very unexpectedly lost my husband about a year and a half ago. Our whole world was turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Going through all the motions and emotions I turned to retail therapy, while I think it was minimal, my dear sister Kelly would tell you otherwise. ~XO Jody


As sisters, we have long dreamt of operating our very own home decor store. For years, we went back and forth, what would it take? Could we do it? The answer was YES, ABSOLUTELY! No one prepares you for some of life’s tragedy, and after a loss in the family, we decided life is too short to wonder “what if” so we decided it was time to put the wheels in motion. 

One night as I sat on the couch reflecting on the idea, I texted “Therapy” to my sister. She responded right away and said “Yep!” 

Retail therapy, it’s a thing, and I was already living and breathing it! As I’m sure many others do at times in their lives. Shopping was my therapy, well part of my therapy… and here we are today!


Located in the heart of downtown, Olds, Alberta with views of the Rocky Mountains at our doorstep, we welcome both locals and adventurers alike to come and check out our brick and mortar location. The perfect stop for your ladies day road trip or simply for some much needed retail therapy.

Find us located in Uptowne Olds at 5014 50 Ave.

Meet the Team

  • Hello, I'm Jody

    I am local to central Alberta with one wonderful child at home. About three years ago, we unexpectedly lost my husband, going through all the motions and emotions, I turned to retail therapy. My sister and I had long dreamt about opening our own home decor boutique so after experiencing this life tragedy decided, life is too short to wonder, so we put the wheels in motion!

  • Hey, I'm Kelly

    My Husband and I have been married for 21 years and together we have 3 beautiful children. While the kids were growing up, I stayed at home to focus on our family (including the animals) and while home, developed a real passion for home decor. Recently, I took a leap and started working in retail. I love getting out of the house and working with the public and can't wait to welcome you to our shop.