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New Canaan Farms Dips

New Canaan Farms Dips

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Spectacular Spinach - Our ever-popular mild and versatile dip seasoning, this is also wonderful stirred into creamy mashed potatoes, and great for adding an instant flavor whoosh to a comforting veggie and white bean soup.

Cajun Swamp Root - A hot favorite with our customers, this mix owes its heat to to cayenne pepper and its great flavor to other typical Cajun seasonings. Blend with sour cream and mayo for a dip, mix with cream cheese and chopped beef and serve with chips, or use as a secret ingredient in your next batch of chili.

Crunchy Onion & Garlic - An all-American favorite, our good ol’ crunchy onion and garlic blend not only makes a terrific flavoring for a classic sour cream and mayo dip, but takes meat loaf, hamburgers and cornbread to new heights. It also makes sliced and sautéed potatoes simply sensational.

Amish Garden Dill - If you love dill, this ones for you. Mix dry mix with olive oil for a great baste for fish or chicken. This idea is also great over plain pasta or rice.

Top Tex Mex Chili - A longtime favorite for chili cook-offs – this is a great short-cut for a sensational dish! Also perfect for quick and easy chili Sloppy Joes, and a perfect way to spice up any dish!



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