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Drizzle Honey Big

Drizzle Honey Big

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Ginger Shine - Stir into tea or cocktails for a bright and soothing elixir or a calming nightcap. Drizzle ginger shine is sunshine in a jar. Ginger shine is our immunity boost blend from our superfood honey collection.

Ingredients: raw drizzle honey, organic ginger, lemon zest oil, natural elderflower extract, natural chamomile tea extract, lemon verbena oil.

Delicious ways to enjoy ginger shine: make into a simple syrup for mixed drinks, incorporate into your favourite hot toddy recipe, stir into tea for a calming elixir, eat by the spoonful as a throat-coat for coughs, glaze a lemon loaf, stir into iced tea, top fruit or sorbet, add to oil-based vinaigrettes, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Berry Bliss - Lush, juicy and bursting with super berry goodness, drizzle berry bliss makes for a perfect, energizing addition to your day. Drizzle onto baked goods, blend into a vinaigrette or enjoy by the spoonful. Berry bliss is our antioxidant blend from our superfood honey collection.

Ingredients: Raw drizzle honey, organic dried Canadian wild blueberry, organic schisandra, beet extract, organic goji, organic açaí, blueberry extract.

Delicious ways to enjoy berry bliss: stir into tea or hot water, use in a vinaigrette, mix into smoothies, create a custom cocktail, honey berry compote, fresh fruit popsicle, or drizzle over plain yogurt.

Cinnamon Spiced - Drizzle Cinnamon Spiced is warm and inviting. Spread over toast, stir into oatmeal or yogurt or drizzle over baked brie for some sweet comfort on a chilly day. Drizzle Cinnamon Spiced is part of our Craft Honey Collection, and as always is bee-friendly, completely raw, health conscious and superfood powered!

Ingredients: Raw drizzle honey, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic cloves, organic nutmeg, organic allspice

350 g (12 oz)

Made in Alberta

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